Extended Evening Rate only $1000

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Donation for my time is expected to be in view upon my arrival. You may leave it in the restroom area, in an envelope marked, "Lissa", or wherever it may easily be seen without discussion.



A great amount of my time is reserved for preparing to meet you. I come to you clean, professional, sexy, with a scent of lovely. I appreciate the same in return. If you are at a conference all day and don't have time to shower, please notify me and I will gladly arrive a little later if needed.



I travel to many areas around Florida. My home base is in the Tampa Bay area. On special request, I will travel to other states, based on extended rate per night ($1000), plus additional $200 per two hours of travel time, as well as all associated expenses.



I prefer to begin each date with getting to know each other, either over drinks or during an intimate dinner together. I typically do not drink alcohol, but if I do I drink red wine, or champagne. I understand that there are times that discretion is vital in situations around business trips with colleagues and I am happy to accommodate accordingly.



Communications should be kept clean and PG at all times. I do not respond in return if there are any type of inappropriate words or content. If you email me to request a date, please include date, location, and a brief background and description of yourself. This is very important in order for me to determine if you are serious, or if you are looking for a late night alcoholic hook up...which I do not do. I prefer advance notice if possible. 




Gifts are very much appreciated. Gifts of any kind are a great way to customize our interaction and to start the evening with an exciting and memorable evening. Gifts can be anything from chocolates to gift cards. A special touch to kick off a special celebration.